MY right-hand man in India and the go-to person for anything Indian


It’s beyond doubt that the success of these trips lays as much in this man’s hands as anyone, he does an extraordinary amount of work before we even turn up. Planning routes checking hotels, road closures, and a thousand and one other things. He is always at the airport to meet us and is there when we go and he travels with us throughout our journey sorting all the problems that might occur.

Shafi and I have worked together for over 15 years now and he can almost second guess my wants and needs. I only have to give him a hand signal and he instantly knows what I need be that a toilet stops for the girls or some beer for the evening.

Shafi was born and raised in Sreemoolanagatam in Northern Cochin he speaks 5 different dialects and knows someone in every town we go through. I was lucky enough to meet him on our first trip some thing clicked and he has been our guide and mentor every tour since then.

Shafi has learned what I need and I hope that’s what you need you will often see him disappearing to do some research or plan something for us. He is our contact for any problems with either the bikes or hotels and can even tell you the best place to buy toothpaste if you need it. he has arranged visits to car repair body shops, a drive of an authentic Indian lorry for an HGV driver, and a ride on a steam train. he is the go-to person if your buying anything from Silks to Gold and can help negotiate that special price. He has a team to assist him, one to drive the backup vehicle and one to handle the spanners.