I have been running motorcycle tours on an ad hoc basis for years. My first real tour was back in 1982 when I took my CX 500 and girlfriend along with twelve other riders across Europe. at that time there was No sat-nav No mobile phones and believe it or not NO emails, everything was done by post with stamp and envelope, it took a minimum of two weeks to get a reply resulting with the group turning up at our Youth Hostel in Amsterdam to find it had burnt down three weeks earlier. but that’s another story for the bar. Many more bike tours followed Le Mans Belgium.  

Once on the ferry back from a more recent  “Le Mans” tour,  whilst having a beer with the group , good old TED  suggested we did the next Enduro India Rally, which we did in 2005 I must say it was fantastic and we loved India and riding through the hills however I didn’t sit comfortably with the status of the event and was later to be proved right .

I was now bitten by the INDIA bug and arranged my own trip the following year. Just two of use and hiring bikes we rode around a very small part of this vast and enchanting  country ands despite some quite major problems,  including wrecking the rear tyre by  hitting a massive pothole,  a story in its own right.  My bike was in the back of a lorry within seven  minutes  and on its way to the next village where the tyre was sewn up and the innertube patched, I was back on the road within a couple of hours. Click here to see the video Part of the reason for the tyre blow out was the weight I was carrying. I would like to think it was ALL down to the luggage but I think my more than ample proportions did pay some part. Having to carry all of my luggage on the bike also limited where we could visit. See more photos of India here

You can just see the buckled rim between his two hands[/caption]

I realised that the only successful way to do India for me would be to have a backup vehicle and all that involves. There had been quite a few friends who had heard my stories and  had become interested in going to India themselves so I married the two and arranged a trip. it was a steep learning curve especially with the mileage but I had experience from running trips in Europe but this was so very different so much to see and so unexpected, every vilage and almost every bend had the wow factor.

The trip was a fanatic success and I brought back a group of very tired motorcyclists who had the journey of their lives many of them booking for the next before I had even announced there would be one and that’s how we progressed year on year

Over the years I have simplified things by putting what I have learned into practice.