We have been Travelling to India for over ten years and I think that we have gotten the formate just about right. 

India is just too fascinating and unpredictable to be rushed it deserves to be respected its also far too big a country to say that I have “Done India” For the last decade we have based ourselves in KERALA or as it is known in India  “GODS OWN COUNTRY” its the area where even the India plan to visit at sometime  

It is the country where Humans have been living for nearly 75000 years and has over 780 Languages and 9 distinct religions.

It’s now the home of the Royal Enfield Motorcycle originally manufactured in the United Kingdom. The factory is now situated on the East coast of Tamil Nadu at Chenni 

What are you likely to expect on this tour.

In reality, I would rather tell you what not to expect, dont expect 

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