2022 wil be the Twelth year that ihave been motorycling in India The tour will be about 2 weeks in February-March  2022 so we have pleanty of time to plan I will not be able to give a fixed date or price until India and ourselves come out of this lock down and i can access plane flights. This also give you an oporttunity to suggest dates to avoid if possible.

Shafi my indian fixer ( see his page) and myself are curently working hard on planning a route but you can rest assured it will be centered around Kerala and hopefully we can have a visit to at least one of the Tiger reserves. Distances in India have no realstionship to here so a relistic daily mileage is around 100 miles any more than this and it just becomes a blur 

 Why Kerala? because it is just so beautiful and uncompromising, it is known in India as Goods own country. The climate is wonderful the roads very good and the locals just so pleased to see you.

Kerala is well prepared for tourism and there are a good selection of Hotels and restaurants. some of those that we have used can be seen below  twe